Thursday, 9 January 2014

Dell Inspiron 14 versus Nikon D90



I saved up a bit of money and there are two things I really want to buy. However, of course my budget allows for only one at this moment, so I have to make a choice which one should I get first.

First, a laptop. Dell Inspiron 14.

Second, a DSLR. Nikon D90.

If I get my hand on DSLR first, I still need a laptop (storage or editing purpose) to keep the entire picture. I'm just thinking that becoming amateur photographer just for hobby, not for part-time career purpose.

I used to have a laptop before, but it's not working anymore, with broken hinge, keyboard & screen failure. Also, it's an old Acer model with 40GB hard-disk and 1GB RAM. So, I didn't use my own laptop quite for a long time since 2011. If I have something to do which I need to use PC/laptop, I just go to cyber-cafe.

I will buy both of them, but not at the same time. Which one should I give priority?


1.50 pm
9th January 2014
Metropolitan City
Hey Jude - The Beatles

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